Sub Committees

Ailsa Young

Management Committee Member & Chair Grants

Ailsa has an amazing team working with her on the Grants Committee.  Currently the sub-committee includes the following volunteers:

Simon Tiddy

Dave Stock

Marilyn Chambers

Noel Grieve

Philip Huestis

David Walker

Tricia Walton

Kerry Kavanagh

Clare Rundall

David McGlennon

Tyne van Dissel

Philip Rundle

Management Committee Member & Chair Memberships

Philip has an amazing team working with him on the Memberships Committee.  Currently the membership sub-committee includes the following volunteers:

Geoff Day

Rachael McEvoy

Julia Steele-Scott

Kathryn House

Helen McLean

To be updated

Allison Kane

Management Committee Member & Chair of Marketing, PR & Events

Allison has been recently been promoted to Chair of Events and is actively looking for some dedicated individuals who would like to volunteer their time to help out.  If you are interested please contact Allison by clicking here

Haley Tamblyn (from Hughes PR who generously donate resources to help out)

Serena Findlay (Videographer from Hughes PR)